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Hello at last

Hi to all, I am a very old futanari palace lover although I never dared to talk here. I was hooked with the "third genre", let's call it so, in 2002 and never quit, so I guess I was hooked with fp the very day I met it. In fact, I am slightly ebriated now and that's why I am daring to write this, well maybe a little bit more than slightly. I'm sure fp staff will recognize immediately my Ip for some reasons that most of we know, and that's another reason, the main reason I am writing this. I could read that now the server is a lot better than in the past and you own all the pictures that were present in the old site so I thought maybe I could help and return back to fp something of what it has gave to me all these years. I would rate my skills in Delphi as advanced, in C++ average, in Html and its derivates, Xml and Xhtml over average, my guess are the old forum images are in some dark database format, even the data content mixed someway between images. I know how to inspect the file in their interiorities and extract some of it, in any case if I can help in principle, the moment I would check I really can't I would say it to minimize the time lost with me, but the other good thing about me it's that I have all the time in the world, at least while superior instances do not say the contrary, and that now I have no problem at all in working with futanari images, in fact I would love to dream someday with a pretty, doted futanari girl, problem is you know you usually don't dream with what is so much in your conscious mind, but with what is in your subconscious. Cheers to all and sorry if my inebriation makes me not to see things how they truly are, but be sure that my inebriation in any case allow me only to write this, my time and the no problem at all with these images are totaly constant and not inebriation-dependent at all.  You can think of the booze in this as a two-weapon, one that is somehow despicable by itself and the other one that is what allows me to be writing this. But be sure I normally don't drink, if I would I wouldn't be so sincere about my today's ebriation. It's only that today I ate a pizza, and pizza without beer, well, like not. The good thing is ¡I don't have any other pizza in my fridge!


Hi there stardust,

good to hear a hello from a fellow longtime lurker (I've been lurking for most of my years here).

I hope you are doing well and are not overdoing it too much.

Regarding technical assistance.... well the technologies are MySQL and PHP mainly. The sub-database with futanari galeries is just..... many many GBs in more than over one hundred relational database tables. . It's all structured, but just a big data heap right now (looking at it from afar). So yeah, can't help us there right now.

Depending on Swammy, on the goal, we might need PHP and JavaScript/Typescript expertise in the future 'though.

Meanwhile have a good time.



Sorry, I come back here now and then and I happened to read this. Yes, I can't help with those tools, all that I could do then it's a very low level examination, a very thorough and almost HxD level analysis of the imaging data itself, I guess it would be a "chinese task", as we say in my country. But if possible, or when possible, I would do it very glad. Cheers.


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