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  Social Groups Forums Closed - Read Only
Posted by: dxasmodeus - 9th July 2024, 19:21 - Forum: News - Replies (1)


As of today, 9 July 2024, the Social Groups section of the Forum is now closed. None of the subforums in this section are active and most depended upon picture uploads that were lost during the 2020 migration. The status of these forums has been set to read-only for archival purposes. In the future, depending upon forum needs, the staff may delete these sections permanently without further notice.

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Posted by: dxasmodeus - 1st July 2024, 23:40 - Forum: News - Replies (4)

FP members,

In recognition for owning and maintaining Futanari Palace since 2013, for making the best of a bad situation during both the original forum migration in 2020 and enduring the COVID crisis, ECHOEN has now been awarded the Knight status in recognition for eleven years of work as both owner of Futanari Palace and as the head of the forum staff. Echoen has now retired from leadership. Futanari Palace thanks Echoen for such hard work and perseverance during difficult times. Futanari Palace would not have made it this far without Echoen.

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  Hello at last
Posted by: stardust23 - 30th June 2024, 16:27 - Forum: Introductions Area - Replies (2)

Hi to all, I am a very old futanari palace lover although I never dared to talk here. I was hooked with the "third genre", let's call it so, in 2002 and never quit, so I guess I was hooked with fp the very day I met it. In fact, I am slightly ebriated now and that's why I am daring to write this, well maybe a little bit more than slightly. I'm sure fp staff will recognize immediately my Ip for some reasons that most of we know, and that's another reason, the main reason I am writing this. I could read that now the server is a lot better than in the past and you own all the pictures that were present in the old site so I thought maybe I could help and return back to fp something of what it has gave to me all these years. I would rate my skills in Delphi as advanced, in C++ average, in Html and its derivates, Xml and Xhtml over average, my guess are the old forum images are in some dark database format, even the data content mixed someway between images. I know how to inspect the file in their interiorities and extract some of it, in any case if I can help in principle, the moment I would check I really can't I would say it to minimize the time lost with me, but the other good thing about me it's that I have all the time in the world, at least while superior instances do not say the contrary, and that now I have no problem at all in working with futanari images, in fact I would love to dream someday with a pretty, doted futanari girl, problem is you know you usually don't dream with what is so much in your conscious mind, but with what is in your subconscious. Cheers to all and sorry if my inebriation makes me not to see things how they truly are, but be sure that my inebriation in any case allow me only to write this, my time and the no problem at all with these images are totaly constant and not inebriation-dependent at all.  You can think of the booze in this as a two-weapon, one that is somehow despicable by itself and the other one that is what allows me to be writing this. But be sure I normally don't drink, if I would I wouldn't be so sincere about my today's ebriation. It's only that today I ate a pizza, and pizza without beer, well, like not. The good thing is ¡I don't have any other pizza in my fridge!

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  Server Migration
Posted by: swammy - 9th June 2024, 22:16 - Forum: News - Replies (23)

Hello to All!

Thanks to the valiant support of everyone in the new ownership migration we are ready to change the Domain Host.  We may lose a day or three's worth of posting but we will Not lose the site.  

This is a notice in case you see a post or a private message missing.

We will be pointing the Domain Name from it's current host to the new host location Tomorrow around noon give or take an hour.  

Thank you all for your time and patience.  


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  Hello to all
Posted by: swammy - 20th May 2024, 02:39 - Forum: Introductions Area - Replies (2)

Hey everyone.  I've lurked here for years and luckily came back for a quick lurk and run when I discovered about the new ownership issue.

For anyone who is not in the aware, I will be taking over ownership of FP as soon as we can get it figured out with the site host.  

That said?  I look forward to talking with those who are still around and to making new friends as we work to get the site resurrected into what it once was years ago.

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Posted by: Echoen - 1st May 2024, 23:55 - Forum: News - Replies (83)

Hello Futas, Futanari Fans, & Fantastic Folks Otherwise!

I am announcing my departure from FutanariPalace and am seeking someone to transfer ownership and management of the site, the server, and Patreon to you.

If you want to take over this place, handle the finances for paying for the site and server, and manage the technical details, let us know.

If no-one steps up to take ownership, then payments will stop and the FP website will disappear, the server will be erased shortly after, and everything will be gone. All images, stories, comments, posts, everything.

If multiple people step up to take ownership, you the community will decide which of them will take ownership. I will then work with that person to transfer control.

The deadline for a new owner is May 12th. This deadline may be extended for one additional month to June 12th if needed.

We love you all and are so proud of you, and want you to lead yourselves into the future you want most. Our future lies elsewhere.



The server is a virtual server run by soyoustart.com, a french canadian company. HEBERGEMENT OVH INC in Quebec.

The server is E3-SAT3-32 Server - E3-1231v3 - 32GB - 2x2To

The cost of the server is $60/month.

There is an additional yearly cost of $25 for domain renewal and DNS through Namecheap.

The "$70/month minimum monthly donations needed" is due to Patreon/PayPal fees, and taxes.

The size of FP on myBB is approximately 630MB, or at least that's how large the latest backup is.



is there a way to backup the stories on the site?: No, and yes. The only way to back up stories would be manually, one by one, copying and pasting and saving. This is not a task I can take on, but the new owner could.

Is there any chance of having it archived somewhere, even temporarily?: Not that I am aware of, no.

Any chance of you uploading at least the stories to a file or torrent?: Not that I am aware of or capable of doing myself. The new owner could have this knowledge and do this.

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Posted by: alexxxisredd - 25th February 2024, 07:33 - Forum: Introductions Area - Replies (2)

Heyyy, I was here a while ago, and decided to make an account to see how things are holding up on fp :]

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Heart Hello Girl cock aficionados~
Posted by: HelenaLewis - 24th February 2024, 01:30 - Forum: Introductions Area - Replies (2)

A quick little intro then, call me Helena, I'm a fan of hyper hung subs. Seeing them or playing them, especially. I'm not sure if we can post images in the intro area, but I'm the commissioner of a few images by @zeqqqqqk on Twitter/X . The lovely lady in the blue dress that is my avatar. I'm mostly here for kinky roleplays with her and spread the word of  hung futasubs with as many people as I can.

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  Email issue (crutch) solved
Posted by: Naughty Faun - 13th February 2024, 17:50 - Forum: News - Replies (1)

Hey guys!

TL;DR Forum emails kinda work. The sender will be futanaripalacestaff@gmail.com

As you might've known we had some serious malfunction in our mailing service, aka "it didn't work at all"  Dodgy
We couldn't figure out exactly what went wrong, but presumably hosting provider restricted some functionality on their side, which in turn broke our stuff...

I've setup some temporary solution for the case, so now new users should be able to register and receive verification email, existing users should be able to reset their passwords, etc etc.

If you still don't receive the email, your best option is to try next day, as current solution has some daily usage limits.

As usual, keep an eye on email sender, and don't click links in emails you've never requested from the forum. There are still, for some wild reasons, people who want to hack the forum and steal credentials for bots or who knows what purposes... I seriously doubt they do it for the sake of grabbing more futa for themselves tho Big Grin

If you have any questions, please let me know.

UPD: Check your spam folder! My test account verification email went there from the get go...

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  Hello. (agian)
Posted by: Reiriji - 25th January 2024, 03:49 - Forum: Introductions Area - No Replies

Hi, i've made frequent use of the site in the past so i thought i'd introduce myself. (agian)

i've been interested in futa/dickgirl on female compedative sexual encounters for a long time now.
not the ones where there is guro/gore involved or ryona where alot of beatings are involved either.
just a simply a competition of sexual dominance/endurance using normal penetrative sex, while eliminating all intrusive masculine factors besides a dick and semen. with some extra ideations that are extrapolated from sexual ecstacies. and enviormental / situational factors that can put more pressure in the context of the struggle. and it never involves pregnancy, or the possibility of the women involved of becomming pregnant because that would make it a whole differend ball game.

i am also not interested in seeing characters shit or piss everywhere since i am not 8 or 9 anymore, and i am quite well aware that these are ideations children might get once they get exposed to sexual inspirations while they have not yet developed the secondary sexual characteristics that they attain in puberty. since these are the only reliefs of tensions/stress they have ever experienced from the involved orfices.

i am a male in my 30s and i have no interests in homosexual relationships between males. ( it makes me cringe and feel uncomfortable)

i honestly have no idea what folks are trying to leverage over alot of gender issues. however it is clear to me that they are mostly trying to leverage sex itself and possibly whatever ego based identifications folks might have over it.
i am aware that the adrenal and lymbic system are also involved in psychological responses of repulsion and attraction. and since HIV or AIDS is described as a disease of the immune disorder. i wonder whether it might be leveraged to cultivate a person into a homosexual or bisexual disposition/orientation. using biotronics / psychotronics and conditioning. all the while leveraging a persons health and life/future over their heads. (should they actually be aware of this possibilty)

Greetings and salutations.

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